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Why Aqastra?

Aqastra is the brainchild Paul Gerrard and Susan Windsor. They have a shared vision about the 'health' of the testing profession and are dedicated to testing excellence. They believe that testing can be taught whereas the required business knowledge can only be accumulated over time. They have a desire to improve the effectiveness of testing and have extensive experience with the testing industry. This experience has been packaged into a comprehensive training programme aimed at addressing the industry wide shortage of testing professionals.

The Aqastra Re-Training programme provides assessment, retraining and career advancement services to enthusiastic professional people keen to make a difference in software quality. Traditional textbook training concentrates on teaching people to attain certification - to pass an exam. Aqastra provides this necessary certification, but our training majors on providing practical skills and competencies to facilitate rapid effectiveness in the software testing role.

So, if you need a new challenge, career change or enhanced skills, we will make it happen.

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