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Do you get the right information at the right time to make critical management decisions such as:

  • Can I go live with this software?
  • Have my business requirements been met?
  • Do I know which of the project risks still remain?
  • How will I know which project goals have been met and when?

It's well understood in the testing industry that the earlier a defect is found, the less expensive it is to correct, and conversely the later faults are found the greater the cost. However, that simple but true formula needs to be translated into your own business environment. Our Business Tester re-training programme teaches testers to seek out and understand business goals as part of their test planning activity, and ensure that tests are included to demonstrating that your project requirements and goals have been met. For example, your brand is high value to you and you are launching a system for direct customer use, testing needs to verify that the availability, accuracy and usability of your software is very high. Alternatively, if your goal is to get to market quickly and gain market presence, perhaps usability can be improved later, with testing concentrated on the vital key business transactions whilst additional 'nice to have' functionality is subjected to more limited testing.

Our retraining and career advancement courses include leadership skills, communication skills and examples of valuable metrics to report meaningful results to senior management.

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