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Your Goal: Staff Reassignment

Constantly changing business needs can lead to staff being in roles that are no longer required. There are a number of options open such as outright redundancy programme, managing your staff numbers down on a phased basis or retaining in a different role within your business.

There is a substantial shortage of professional software testers in the market especially those with relevant business knowledge. Your own organisation may be short of such staff and use contractor staff, service companies or perhaps outsource some of your testing as a result. Why not retrain your own staff, who already know your business, instead? It can be a highly cost-effective approach and you retain their experience of your organisation too.

If you do not have a need for software testers yourself, many other organisations do. Perhaps you could build retraining into any outplacement service you may be considering?

If you need to reassign staff, we can certainly help and support you.

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