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We provide retraining, assessment and mentoring services:

  • To support your business Software Testing needs by; identifying suitable people, retraining them and then continuing to support their career advancement.
  • To assess candidates in a systematic, objective way, and help them identify their strengths and weaknesses. More...
  • To utilize the knowledge of your business and/or technically skilled staff by retraining them as highly competent test professionals.
  • To provide your experienced testers with a broad set of inter-personal and management skills, refreshing their testing skills and to certifying them to Test Management Standard.

Our Method of Working

  1. Staff with good business and management skills are identified and retrained to become test professionals. Business savvy testers understand the business requirements as they will define "testable" IT requirements leading to greater clarify for development staff. Ultimately they well take responsibility for User Acceptance Testing, providing an intelligent approach and ensuring the business receives "fit for purpose" IT systems to support their business goals.
  2. Test Managers are trained in the skills required to set strategic goals for supplier selection (including risk assessment); set appropriate service levels; set a strategy for provision of test evidence and help with the supplier management process to ensure timely delivery.
  3. Experienced testing professionals are trained in advanced techniques and Test Management skills providing an enhanced level of expertise thereby adding significantly to the quality of delivered systems.
  4. Our programme supports people who take a positive decision to redirect their career to that of a testing professional. A sound grounding is provided in all the basic testing skills, including foundation certification, plus practical experience of working in a testing project. Course graduates are ready to make an immediate contribution to a testing project and will have the opportunity to quickly advance their career to team leader and test manager.
  5. A tester assessment service is provided as part of our candidate selection training programme. This can be provided as part of your recruitment process to select candidates for new employment or for retraining current staff.

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