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Your Goal: Cost-Effective and Timely Resourcing

It's always a challenge to ensure testing staff arrive on your project at the right time and with the right skills. Many organisations use third party services to meet this need which can be an expensive option especially since with temporary staff you don't retain their knowledge and experience within your organisation.

Why not retrain staff with legacy technical skills, or low in demand business skills to become software testers. The short duration and effectiveness of our intensive retraining programme dovetails into normal project time scales so testing resources are available when needed. Retrained staff will value your support, be inclined to increased loyalty to you and they are already a known and trusted resource.

If you don't have appropriate staff for retraining, we work with you to identify suitable business savvy candidates, together we will assess their aptitude for the role by way of our assessment service and provide timely training so they are available to meet your business needs. Importantly our training programme provides candidates with the practical skills required to do the job.

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