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Your Goal: Organizational flexibility

If your organisation uses multiple IT suppliers, is considering outsourcing areas of the IT Life-Cycle or perhaps has teams of developers in different geographies, you'll likely be well aware of the management challenges that need to be overcome. Wherever development work is undertaken, you will benefit from experienced Test Managers who can help evaluate and manage suppliers and Testers who can take on the responsibility of undertaking acceptance (technical and business) on behalf of your organisation.

Our leadership skills programme teaches experienced Test Managers how to provide constructive input on acceptance criteria into 3rd party contracts, how to set and manage expectations for supplier testing & acceptance, and how to communicate effectively with all parties involved. In other words, how to keep suppliers 'honest' and to align all parties with your project goals.

Retrained technical staff will have the ability to manage Operational Acceptance testing, and retrained business staff will be to undertake effective Business Acceptance testing.

Your organisation remains in control, and delegates test activities to suppliers rather than allowing suppliers to manage you.

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