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Do you have staff with insufficient or inappropriate skills for the demands of software testing within your organisation? Or perhaps you simply have a shortage of software testers.

You are in an ideal position to identify people who would benefit from retraining. Maybe via appraisal feedback, training programmes or staff who simply find they are performing roles that are no longer suitable. These people might be within IT or in any other part of the Business.

Staff with good knowledge and experience of working within your business remain with you rather than be lost to the market, or worse still to lost to your competitors. We specialise in re-training staff as software testers and if applicable test managers. We will also support your staff restructuring activities by teaching new skills to staff as part of a redundancy package. We also support the hiring and development of experienced testing professionals with our Assessment, Training and Mentoring services.

Your business or technical staff with inappropriate skills can be made into effective software testers with our re-training programme. We start by assessing their suitability to move into a testing career. This includes taking a testing specific aptitude test to identify strengths and weaknesses. We share the results with each candidate and yourself so that together you can decide the appropriateness of our re-training programme. Our training addresses all the immediate skills required by a tester, giving an awareness of the different technologies involved, and providing a practical case study to work through. The course includes the ISTQB Foundation and graduates will be given an Aqastra qualification certificate in recognition of their achievements.

Following our intensive three week programme, graduates will immediately be able to make a valuable contribution to a testing team. In our experience, it normally takes at least six months of "on the job" experience to attain this same level of contribution. Take a look at our Business Testers Re-training Programme  or register your interest and be kept up to date with our news.

If your testing staff are seeking to refresh their knowledge of advanced techniques or management skills, we have specialist courses for them too.

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