Aqastra Technical Environment/Facility

Technical Environment Used by Delegates

We provide a fully functional test environment for our delegates. The hardware environment consists of a powerful server, wireless network and a brand new laptop for every delegate. The trainer has an identically configured laptop to present and to demonstrate all of the worked examples in the course.

A key objective of the course is to expose the delegates to a broad range of technologies so they become more confident when they encounter unfamiliar software or environments in their new testing role.

The range of technologies provided on the environment is broad. Delegates will use ALL of the following:

  • Dedicated Dell Vostro 1500 laptops with 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 3Gb memory running Windows Vista Business
  • Shared Dell PowerEdge 840 server with Quad Core Zeon 2.13 GHz processors and 4 Gb memory running Windows 2003 Server R2
  • Office 2007 productivity tools Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  • Websites hosted on the server using Microsoft IIS and Apache web servers
  • Windows Sharepoint 2007 to manage course materials, team and individual exercises and their working documents
  • VMware to access virtualised Linux test environments on their laptop and on the shared server
  • Bugzilla to log test defects
  • Ubuntu Linux with the GNOME desktop with Firefox and Konqeror browsers and OpenOffice to manage documents
  • MySQL on their laptop and on the shared server to practice their SQL skills
  • Virtualised instances of the SugarCRM application for each delegate test team to work on.for the case-study exercises.


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