Supporting Your IT Business Goals

Your Goal: Competitive advantage

Gaining market advantage can demand a flexible approach to the required level of software quality - or "fitness for purpose". It's not necessarily desirable to have a single approach to software quality, as this can result in too much testing in some areas, too little in other areas and potentially too little overall. Intelligent testing determines that you test the best you can, keep within the prescribed time scales and 'go live' with any risks clearly identified.

Flexibility and pragmatism are required to determine the appropriate testing approach to meet competitive advantage goals such as:

  • Grabbing market share quickly with a new product or service
  • Ensuring your brand is not damaged by software malfunction
  • Ensuring the customer experience you provide is in tune with their demands.

We can retrain your existing business staff to become software testers with a passion for meeting your business needs, who will be in tune with your company ethos and who will therefore implement an appropriate testing approach for you.

We will also develop the skills of your testing staff to become specialists in their chosen area of testing, supporting them with management and leadership programmes.

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