Your Career Change and Advancement

Your Career Change

Are you are keen to make a career change, and do you want a role that gives job satisfaction, one where you can make a real difference to the effectiveness of your future employer. If so then why not retrain as a test professional. We work with organisations who really value testing and who want to work with people who can help them achieve their software quality objectives.

Never considered testing as a career before? We have an assessment service that can help you identify your potential by measuring your aptitude in the different skills areas needed. It only takes a day and you will have valuable information on your relevant strengths to support a career in testing. You will also receive a coaching session to help you understand your full potential and find out more about a career in testing.

We will support you by providing ongoing assessment of your potential for a career in testing, introduce you to organisations looking to employ testers (potentially even sponsoring your training) and train you in the skills required to take on this new role. You may have legacy technical skills or specific business knowledge. Either way, we can help you make the transition into a new and rewarding role.

If you have extensive experience as a user of computer systems you will already have relevant business knowledge which is sorely lacking within the testing industry. If you are already working within Information Technology but feel your skills are out of balance with market demands, we can re-train you to become a testing professional. All your valuable years experience working in an IT environment will be a huge benefit, particularly in some of the more technical areas of testing. Our intensive three week course will give you just the grounding you need to build your new career upon. You will learn the principles of testing; an awareness of different technologies and then how to practice your new skills. Our three week retraining programme provides all of this and includes the ISTQB industry certification during the course. Take a look at our Business Testers Re-training Programme and to find out more, register today.

In addition to supporting re-training for a new career, we also provide career advancement training to help you progress within the testing profession. Our advanced techniques or management courses will help you advance your career in your chosen direction.

Career Advancement

Maybe you are frustrated by the lack of training and development you've received since you've been in the testing profession. Our courses in management skills and advanced techniques may be just what you are looking for.

Take a look at courses, register here or follow the link below to learn more.

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