Assessment Service

Our Assessment Programme

The Assessment programme has been designed as an extension to your recruitment activity. We can enhance your interview and selection processes by getting candidates to take our proven Test Assessment Test. We recommend the results of such tests are used as input to the interview process, rather than as a selection filter.

We use the Gerrard Consulting Tester Aptitude Test for the basic assessment.

For the re-training programme, attendees will undertake the same aptitude test designed to identify current strengths and weaknesses with regard to a career in testing. For Leadership skills, Advanced Techniques and Test Management, attendees will take a skills test to identify key learning points prior to undertaking the training. This identifies the elements of the course that are most valuable and that the course content is fully understood. Each attendee will receive a one-to-one feedback session to explore the outcome of the tests and help formulate their own goals and objectives. In addition, the company sponsoring training will receive a summary report to help them plan their investment.

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