Business Retraining

Our Business Re-Training Service

We can support your IT Business Goals with our Assessment, Re-Training and Mentoring service.

Do you relate to any of the following?

  • You aim to achieve greater success with software, and to differentiate yourselves in the market, by using intelligent testing as a key enabler.
  • You recognise that careful selection and management of partners is an essential pre-requisite to successful outsourcing.
  • You need to attract and retain business-savvy and knowledgeable test professionals because you recognise how important they are to your business.
  • Your testers need skills far beyond basic certification, practical experience and competence too.
  • You require a constant supply of good testers to satisfy your testing demands.
  • You plan to reorganise but don’t want to lose staff with relevant business experience to the market so you want to retrain staff into new productive testing roles instead.

Traditional textbook training concentrates on teaching people to attain certification – to pass an exam. Aqastra provides the necessary certification, however, our training majors on providing practical skills and competencies to facilitate rapid delivery in the software testing role.

Your staff with business or legacy technical skills can be retrained to become software testers. With Aqastra you retain their valuable knowledge and experience of your business and build on their existing skills. This is how we support your IT Business Goals.

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